Advantages Of Online Guitar Lessons & How To Prepare

The advantages of online guitar lessons

  • Lessons can be recorded and watched over and over
  • Saves both of us travel time
  • Allows us to work together from any location in the world that has an adequate internet connection
  • Allows us to avoid contact during flu season
  • Video call lessons allow the teacher to give the student feedback on all areas of their performance, just like a lesson in person

Why Skype?

Skype is free and in my experience, it is the best video call service available for music lessons. This is because other similar video call services can often have a walkie-talkie type of effect which doesn’t recognize music as well as the human voice. 

For logistical purposes, it would also be easier if all my students are working from the same platform so that lessons can proceed in a timely fashion.

What do I need to have successful Skype lessons?

All you need to use Skype is a standard internet connection and some sort of computer, tablet, or smartphone that has a video camera, screen, and internet connection. For a better internet connection, please use a device that is directly plugged into the internet via ethernet as it is far more consistent and superior to Wifi.

You can test your internet connection speed by using one of the many free “internet speed test” sites available. There is even one built into Google search. 

Please note that your internet speed may vary at different times of day and that it could be slower if many people are using it heavily at the same time (ex: streaming video). 

Testing Skype

Please do a test run before we start Skyping to make sure that your setup is running smoothly. Make sure that you are able to position yourself in a way that makes your hands and face visible on the screen.


Another fantastic online tool that is available to us is YouTube. I have a YouTube channel where I have created hundreds of videos and a few playlists on various topics. These include demonstrations of pieces, backing tracks, lessons on music theory, and more. 

I strongly encourage you to create your own YouTube channel and to upload performances of pieces you are working on or even exercises. This is a fantastic way to keep track of your progress and allows for us to listen back to your recordings in a way that makes it easy to provide constructive criticism.

Check out my various playlists here. Please subscribe! It really helps me a lot when you do that.

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