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Justin will teach you the practical fundamentals needed to better understand and play the music you love. His lessons include personal notes, accompanying videos, PDFs, as well as teaching and reinforcing a methodology which allows students to become stronger self-learners. 

Justin is happy to teach students of all ages and levels. Il enseigne aussi en français. He is extremely encouraging, passionate, and enthusiastic. Whether you’re looking to strum a few of your favourite tunes to sing to, solo like a guitar god, prepare for an audition, get out of a rut, make solo guitar arrangements, learn to improvise or compose, or get constructive feedback, direction, focus, accountability or just relaxed jams, Justin will be happy to assist you. 

Check out the FREE backing tracks, playalongs, lessons, and jazz playalongs he’s posted on his YouTube, as well as articles on his website. 


Justin Duhaime is one of Ottawa’s premier guitar teachers and performers. He has shared the stage with world class musicians including Stephane Wrembel (composer for Woody Allen), Jason Anick (Berklee prof), Jean Michel Pilc (McGill prof), Denis Chang, Jesse Stewart (Juno winner), and many others. Justin was the first musician to be awarded the Ottawa Arts Council’s RBC Emerging Artist Award. Justin is endorsed by DK Guitars with The Black Sword guitar and has a Bachelor of Music with High Honours from Carleton University. Justin is the leader of the jazz manouche group Gypsy Muse, playing music inspired by the legacy of Sinto legend Django Reinhardt. Justin has been teaching guitar since May 2005 and self-published a book in August 2015. Justin’s music interests range from jazz to rock, pop to metal, Carnatic to funk, Bach to Chopin, reggae to punk, folk, Brazilian, and beyond. 


Please contact Justin for pricing. Justin offers the best prices, highest value, and more experience than his competitors in Centretown Ottawa. Found a better deal elsewhere? Contact Justin with details and a link and he will match or beat the price (conditions apply). 


“Justin Duhaime approached me for some guitar lessons in 2017. I loved his musicianship immediately: plenty of great ideas, well played, and a clearly abundant work ethic. I’ve taught guitarists all over Canada and haven’t heard any more promising than Justin.” 

  • Mike Rud (Juno award winning artist)

“Justin took several classes with me […] his work was exceptional, consistently demonstrating a high level of creativity, musicianship, and originality. Even then, his work was of such high calibre that it did not seem like that of an undergraduate student, but rather the work of an innovative professional musician.”

  • Jesse Stewart (Juno award winning artist & professor)


It’s really easy nowadays to think that you can teach yourself all the guitar skills you could ever need using youtube and such. The truth is there is no substitute for personal instruction from a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. I’ve improved more in the past couple months of lessons from Justin than I had in ten years of self-teaching. If you’re stuck in a plateau and looking to break out of it, I highly recommend some lessons from Justin.

  • Patrick Donovan

I am an adult student and a novice guitarist that has been taking lessons on and off for decades.  Whenever life allows me, I love to pick the guitar back up and dedicate some time to learning some more.  I have many guitar teachers over the years, all with an array of styles.  Justin is by far the best and most professional music teacher that I have come across.  He is always prepared for the lesson, and he is able to convey his instruction in a way that relates to me.  Justin has an incredible in-depth knowledge of the theory but manages to explain it in a very grassroots way which I appreciate.  I have recommended him personally to my friends.  A good teacher is worth their weight in gold.

  • Scott Gilbert

With the internet awash with guitar instruction, I thought I didn’t need lessons, but all the information overload was actually hurting my progress more than helping it. Lessons from Justin was like going into triage: My weaknesses were immediately identified, and a clear plan was put in place to help me gain the most useful skills in the least amount of time, given my current level. So much more than just “guitar lessons”, it’s all about understanding music. Justin is thoughtful, organized, and passionate, and I would count him as one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in any subject. Thanks Justin for injecting focus, clarity, and depth into my musical journey.

  • P Jakobsen

Justin has been teaching both my 10 year old son and I how to play the guitar. Neither of us have ever played before, and Justin has been a great teacher for both of us. He’s well organized for our lessons, quick to provide encouragement and coaching when we get stuck or frustrated, and always willing to take the time to explain anything that we are curious about. We are both making great progress in our playing, and I show up to lessons every week excited to see what Justin is going to teach us next.

  • Dan Meeking

Everything a jazz guitar teacher should be: deep knowledge of theory, wealth of cultural knowledge on music history (from BACH to Django), and most importantly is super chill! Really enjoyed my classes with Justin. Would recommend highly — study with this guy.

  • Hank Parker

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