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I’ve been playing guitar for 14 years.  I have played in many bands and have played many venues.  I have also taken lessons from many teachers.  Justin is the best in my experience.  He will teach to your needs and make the material fun to learn.  Very chill dude and highly recommended! 5/5 Stars.

Vitto O. (as found at

It’s really easy nowadays to think that you can teach yourself all the guitar skills you could ever need using youtube and such. The truth is there is no substitute for personal instruction from a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. I’ve improved more in the past couple months of lessons from Justin than I had in ten years of self-teaching. If you’re stuck in a plateau and looking to break out of it, I highly recommend some lessons from Justin.

Patrick Donovan (as found on Google Places)

I am an adult student and a novice guitarist that has been taking lessons on and off for decades. When ever life allows me, I love to pick the guitar back up and dedicate some time to learning some more. I have many guitar teachers over the years, all with an array of styles. Justin is by far the best and most professional music teacher that I have come across. He is always prepared for the lesson, and he able to convey his instruction in a way that relates to me. Justin has an incredible in-depth knowledge of the theory but manages to explain it very grass routes which i appreciate. I have recommended him personally to my friends. A good teacher is worth their weight in gold.

Scott Gilbert (as found on Google Places)

I had never picked up a guitar before starting lessons with Justin. I chose to take lessons from him based purely on the references of his students, and I’m glad I did! Not only did Justin provide great exercises to help me improve, but he was also very patient and encouraging. Justin is simply a great teacher!

Emma B.

I’m glad that you’re teaching. You have a great style for soloing, and that is a great influence on your students, for them to learn your technique. … our opera of Barber of Seville was awesome thanks to you showing me those chords on the guitar. I still think about it, and people are still talking about it. I love it. You’re teaching method is priceless.

Andrew Snow

Justin taught me for two years in private guitar lessons and I clearly saw that playing the guitar was –and still is- his passion. It shows that he has a lot of experience and is very patient when it comes to teaching. He showed me different ways and techniques to play the guitar easier and made it fun too. I’m glad I got to know him, because he taught me many useful things, and helped me appreciate music and other guitar artists that I’ve never heard of before; he’s pretty funny too. It encouraged me into joining the school band, which I got to use my knowledge of guitar theory into the learning of new songs. Now, I’m able to read music and learn new songs through Youtube easily. I strongly recommend him!

Anika L.

When I first began guitar lessons I did not totally understand what I wanted to get out of the guitar, I did not really understand anything about the guitar or about composition. Writing music seemed like some mystical skill that only the divinely gifted could comprehend. I started lessons with Justin Duhaime, he taught me the secrets behind playing the guitar really well. My life was honestly changed from then on, practicing guitar for three hours with no breaks was a short day for me at that point. Justin’s teachings made things so easy for me and so interesting that I devoted just about all my free time to it. I remember my mother used to brag to my friend’s parents about how well I had learned to play and how great of a guitar teacher we had found. Justin knows what he’s doing when it comes to teaching guitar.

Peter L.

Justin taught me guitar in private lessons, and the first thing he did was impress me with his talent. But it’s not the talent that sold me, it was his ability to explain to you exactly what it was he was doing, and then explain it again even slower if you still didn’t get it. Justin’s teaching goes beyond your basic guitar lessons, where you learn a few chords and memorize some scales. Justin really helps you understand the feeling that goes into playing the guitar, which is very important to those who really want to understand their instrument. I still remember all of the important things that Justin taught me.

Dale J.

I signed up for guitar lessons a few years ago, hoping to learn to play a few things, and I was not let down! Justin not only taught me how to play, he also introduced me to a whole new side of music; showed me real rock music, music that I still listen to, to this day. I learned catchy tunes and was happily practicing them at home. If you didn’t get something right away, he’d lend a hand until you got it right. I never thought I could learn so much in such a short period of time! I was constantly smiling and having a good time in his classroom. Justin was such a kind teacher it was easy to understand how to play certain chords. He was always so friendly and always reassured you that you were doing a good job. Without a doubt he is the best guitar teacher, if you want to learn to play well and also have a laugh!

Erin J.

Great music/guitar teacher! Very passionate about music, knows his stuff, and is great at transmitting his knowledge to others. I would recommend him as a teacher to anyone who wants to learn guitar, or wants to learn about music theory. 5/5 Stars.

Philippe Kanz (as found on Google Places)

Whether you like classical music or pure Death Metal, this guy is the guitar teacher for you.

Mathis Marcotte

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